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G2 Passport is officially a Licensed, Accredited, & Government Authorized Firm with strong global connections with offices in Turkey, the United States, & United Arab Emirates.

A full Citizenship service, delivered with absolute care and professionalism, is ensured by our wealth of expertise and highly qualified citizenship experts.

We take great satisfaction in our honesty in all business transactions, effectiveness and quickness in delivery, professionalism, competitive prices, and outstanding customer experience.

The importance of a second passport

Getting a second passport can be one of the most excellent decisions you ever make for increased global mobility and personal security, business, and tax exemption. Check out our top citizenship programs offering a second passport

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We recognize the significance of providing the highest quality service to our clients. Our entire team is dedicated to making obtaining citizenship through investment as simple and efficient as possible.

From the initial consultation to the final approval, our experienced consultants will walk you through every step.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our programs adhere to the laws and regulations of the countries they are offered.

Citizenship by investment is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to broaden their horizons and explore new options. We are delighted to be able to assist our clients in this endeavor.

Omar Salama
Chief Executive Officer

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